Existentialism, secular Buddhism and the Ishmaelite civilisation

Secularists say that Prophets suffer from schizophrenia. What secular Buddhism is trying is to create a non-monastic form of Buddhism to overcome its schizoid tendencies. Even early Christianity had an element of repetitive daily sacraments, but antinomianism removed that from western culture and promoted what Susan Cain calls the Extrovert Ideal of Evangelicalism. An important influence on Kierkegaard was the Ishmaelic near sacrifice in Fear and Trembling. What the Ishmaelite world did was to preserve the monastic repetitive element while overcoming schizoid tendencies by discouraging celibacy of Catholicism/Buddhism and begging in Buddhism. So, what secular Buddhist try to achieve has already been achieved Scripturally and a spiritual civilization exists which tries to pursue those ideas even in politics a dream of Plato.
Sufism is defined in the same way as Albert Camus as doing what you do not desire to seek the absolute Truth. And, Ibn Arabi popularized in the Ishmaelite world the quote about existence that ‘I think therefore I do not exist.’



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