A unbrotherly xenophobic Christian calls Ishmael peace be upon him Satanic

Romito Olaguer Of course Sarah has to send Hagar away after Isaac the son of promise was born. Ishmael maybe the older son but spiritual seed of Abraham is not thru Ishmael. Ishmael is the result of Satanic corruption in man. He can’t carry the lineage for the Only begotten Son of God Jesus. So stop trying to prove that Islam is the chosen path to man’s way to God. It’s not going to happen.

Romito Olaguer When Hagar was sent away, she cried and God heard her plea of suffering with out the parental help of Abraham so the angel had to help her come back to Abraham protection, God wants to rear Ishmael to be a good man for God also promised him a great nation, simply Ishmael decendants are part of the gentiles. Just like any other race. Nothing especial as accorded to the the Jewish people tocarry Jesus lineage to bring about Christ birth.

Ishmael Abraham If firstborn is not spiritually special why Jewish firstborns were required to be priests?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pidyon_haben

Ishmael Abraham Crying shows her love for Abraham peace be upon him but she sacrificed that for love of God. So, God blessed her with Well of Zamzam mentioned in Bible.

Ishmael Abraham Bible in Numbers says God is not a man so He cannot have the blasphemy of a son. Bible in Acts calls Jesus peace be upon him a servant of God like Quran.




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