A scholarly unitarian on tetragrammton ALLH

{you said}Can ALLH be the true Tetragrammaton? Because in Aramaic bible, Jesus peace be upon him uses the word Allaha.
{reply} Aramaic scholar Etan Levine writes: “Once the principle of non-pronunciation was established, and אֲדֹנָי used for יְהוָֽה the Tetragrammaton was freely used in written texts. Thus the Targums frequently use יְהֹוָה where the Hebrew Bible uses אלהים-The Aramaic version of Ruth (Anelecta biblica)1973 by Etan Levine.
Therefore I do think it is accurate to say that ALLH was/is the tetragram. In fact, Exodus 6:3 goes against this notion entirely.
You may do well to report to us the commentary by Tafsīr Jalālayn regarding the name Asaf the son of Barkhiyā used when he spoke to God in prayer.
Please report back to us with your findings.
Ishmael Abraham There is a difference of opinion about the Greatest Name but many scholars think it is Al-Hayy Al-Qayyum الحيُّ القيوم (Quran 2:255) which means God is Alive and Self-Subsisting. Although it is not composed of four letters in both nouns but it agrees with the meaning of YHWH described by bible scholars.



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