Explaining spiritualisation of mundane activities through dhikr to a Christian

Of course, on earth before death there is inevitable distance between loving believers and Beloved God. So, the best form of relationship on earth is to remember Him. Like Paul said: Pray without ceasing. Islam teaches how to pray without ceasing. Even when we go to market, go near husband, or go for call of nature we have sunnah prayers to remember God. Sunnah means Prophetic praxis because actions of remembrance are more important than empty words of boasting piety. So, even worldly activities become spiritualised. When we sleep we pray: O God with Thy name I die and rise up again. Because sleep is sister of death. When we wake up, we pray: All praise is to God who resurrected us after death and towards Him is the final resurrection. When we go to market we glorify God by saying: There is no god except God Alone who is without partner. When we answer the call of nature we pray: O God I ask for your protection against spiritual and physical impurities because our kidneys and stomach produce both physical and spiritual impurities which requires us to renew our state of impurity by ablution as a form of daily baptism. After we get a sense of relief after answering the call of nature we pray: All praise is to God who removed my sense of discomfort and relieved me. So, we thank God for even small blessings and comforts. When we have physical intimacy with our sexual partner in marriage we pray: O God protect us both from Satan and protect the baby which you will bless us from Satan. Today most people forget God as soon as they are outside Mosque or Church and even within Church people are thinking about greed and temptations. I agree with you that faith precedes Law. In Islam, the Companions or Prophetic disciples said: We learnt iman(faith) before Quran(Book containing commandments like Torah).


Sola Scriptura and traditionalist self righteousness in East and West

Both Sola Scriptura and traditionalist movements can be self righteous. I follow as Quran teaches the middle path(ummatan wasatan) so I follow Prima Scriptura approach. But we can see the disasters of self righteous Protestant Zionism and Salafist phariseeism. Self hating Quranist modernists have no major contribution to Quranic studies other than importing anti-spiritual western culture.

Failure of Ishmaelite outreach and tragedy of blasphemy

There are important outreach efforts in our sub-continent. Tabligh movement has global outreach but they are not qualified for interfaith dialogue. Dr Zakir is qualified and a bit confrontational but does not have an organized missionary movement. Mufti Taqi has written some reasonable material about Christianity but laymen in Tabligh movement are out of touch with it . Dr Qadri has tried to visit churches but he is criticized for condoning Christian errors, If we integrate these visions in qualification, compassion and outreach we can minimize these tragic events of blasphemy .

But still we should not ignore the legal element of our religion. In western law, in case of preponderant evidence makes you guilty. For example, the evidence against Dr Afia was not of totally certain nature but still she was sentenced. The idea of complete certainty of evidence is actually Islamic. So, in case of iota of doubt, life imprisonment is more just than execution.

مغرب میں اسلام کا پیغام عام کرنے کی کافی اہم کاوشیں بر صغير میں ہو رہی ہی۔ تبلیغی جماعت کے روابط عالمی سطح پر موجود ہیں لیکن وہ بین المذاہب مکالمے کے اہل نہیں۔ ڈاکٹر ذاکر اہل شخصیت ہیں لیکن ان میں تھوڑا پہلو محاذ آرائی کا بھی ہے اور ن کی کوئی منظم مشنری تحریک نہیں ہے۔ مفتی تقی عثمانی صاحب نے عیسائیت کے حوالے سے چند معقول کتب تحریر کی ہیں لیکن تبلیغ سے وابستہ ایک عام فرد ان سے لاعلم ہے۔ ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری نے گرجا گھروں میں جانا شروع کیا لیکن ان پر عیسائی اغلاط کو تسلیم کرنے کی وجہ سے تنقید کی جاتی ہے۔ اگر اہلیت ، ہمدردی اور اسلام کا پیغام کرنے کی کوشش جیسی تین باتیں جمع ہو جائیں تو ہم توہین رسالت جیسے سانحات ہونے کے امکانات کو کم سے کم کر سکتے ہیں۔ لیکن اس کے باوجود ہم اسلام کے قانونی پہلو کو نظر انداز نہیں کر سکتے۔ مغربی قانون میں ، غالب ثبوت آپ کو مجرم بنا دیتا ہے۔ مثال کے طور پر ڈاکٹر عافیہ صدیقی کے خلاف ثبوت کی نوعیت یقینی طور پر ثابت شدہ نہیں تھی لیکن انہیں سزا سنا دی گئی۔ ثبوت کا کلی طور پر یقینی ہونا اسلام کا دیا گیا تصور ہے۔ لہذا ، شبے کا شائبہ ہونے کی صورت میں سزائے موت کے بجائے عمر قید دینا زیادہ قرین انصاف ہوگا۔


The alliance of moderate Americans and moderate Muslims

Ishmael Abraham Please prove by raising your voice that all Americans are not sectarian xenophobes or liberal anarchists. 
Gripping. Gut wrenching Yemeni song: Our enemy is America.  Exactly what former CIA chief of the Bin Laden desk was telling us and telling Congress. The Quran isn’t the problem. We are the problem. We are creating terrorists. We are the ones pushing people over the edge. My heart aches. Will the Muslim world ever forgive us? Will we ever see our need to be forgiven? Lord Jesus, help us all.
Ishmael Abraham Kirby Hopper We believe accepting first and greatest commandment forgives all past sins. So, if all Americans become unitarians like you, Muslim theologians will be willing to forgive.

Kirby Hopper Ishmael Abraham I appreciate your desire, rooted in love for the Prophet, that America be not an extremist political entity and we certainly would do things differently if we were to avoid our extremism. As you know I share your concerns.

I would love for Americans to know that Mohammad provides Muslims such as yourself with that moderating desire. All they hear it seems, and all many of my Christian brothers want to hear, is that Mohammad brought nothing but extremism to the table of world affairs and people like you should be feared. This pains me greatly.

That said, there are many of us former Evangelicals who are being moved by our common prophet Jesus, as revealed in our Injil (Gospel) as recorded in our 4 Gospels, which BTW, we believe the Quran upholds as sacred text. None of us are likely to buy the line that the Injil the Quran confirms was in some long-lost book other than our 4 Gospels.

We are being moved to follow his example of passive resistance, the same taught by Gandhi in India.

If Jesus’ example were followed we wouldn’t have shed blood at the American Revolution but let their “tyranny" (which never really necessitated a revolution) work itself into nothing like the other British colonies that followed and gained independence without firing a shot. We could have let S. Korea and S. Vietnam fall to the communists knowing that communism would crumble under its own weight as eventually happened. We could have even done the same with the 3rd Reich, and worked hard to clear the lands of the “undesirables" (Jews, Gypsies, homeless, handicapped, etc.) ahead of Nazi occupation. The million or so Turkish Muslims in and around Berlin could have been a great asset, providing refuge and transport as Muslims did for Jews and Heretics during the Catholic Inquisition.

If our nation, led by Christians who kept up on our foreign policy, followed the example of Jesus we certainly wouldn’t get involved in all of the Middle East’s sectarian Muslim civil wars. We wouldn’t make the Houtis our enemy just because they are supported by Iranians. And if Iranians followed their prophet Jesus I don’t think they would be supporting the Houtis to begin with.

Ishmael Abraham { some long-lost book } The discovery of Codex Sinaiticus which exposes the trinitarian interpolation makes me tolerant towards gospels especially Matthew being the first to be written among them.

The pro-Ishmaelite community must compete liberal Murji’ah in rights of servants of God

Ishmael Abraham being a Pakistani I feel ashamed for not being qualified as a nation to treat a sick traveler to our country in a compassionate and professional way. 
Laura Weichselbaumer No reason for shame. There is no blame. This sickness can be found about everywhere under many different names (Costa Cramps, Dehli Belly, Montezuma’s Revenge, and on and on). If there were to be blame in the situation, then the blame would be on myself. I am a very experienced traveler, including into developing geographies. I certainly have the knowledge to have protected myself from this, but after weeks of beautiful touring in Pakistan, my diligence toward self care became lax in the last couple days. At any rate, it all works for good. I hope that you are able to put down this sense of shame and capture the message of goodness in the story, at the end. 🙂
Ishmael Abraham Thanks for your empathetic understanding. But please educate our traditional culture about improving health infrastructure because Hadith teaches that after prayers and obligatory virtues the most beloved action to God is to make believers happy. West is weak in God’s rights (huquq Allah) and East is weak in rights of servants of God. (huquq al ibaad)

An ex Ismaili criticizes Irish convert to Islam

Ireland has a violent history like Ismailis. Which creates a profound sense of self hatred. I hope she follows a middle path between traditional Islam and Sola Scriptura Islam to avoid the errors of Catholics and Ismailis. Both have the concept of successive unifying leaders in common, while for Ismailis, unlike Gentiles, leader must have a chosen DNA. As far as infallibility of the leader is concerned, it creates problems. In Sunni Islam, the Caliph Umar considered himself  fallible and valued moral and Scriptural feedback as a gift worthy of prayer for the one who offers it.

Story of repentance of an alcoholic Prophetic descendant

A Prophetic descendant was a professed alcoholic. He once visited a student of knowledge for some help, but he did not allow him to enter his home, so he came back sadly. During journey to pilgrimage, a scholar among Prophetic descendants did not allow that student to enter his presence, so he wept. When he wept he was allowed to enter. He asked why he was refused although he loved the Prophetic family. He replied: Because you refused entry to my cousin. He wept again and stated: I only did this so that he repents from alcohol. The scholar replied: Respect them any way otherwise you will become a loser. When he came back, the same cousin came again. This time the student respected him a lot. The cousin was surprised. Then he told him the story of the scholar during pilgrimage. He felt guilty and repented. He came back to home and destroyed the bottles of alcohol, and started spending time in Masjid until death and then he was buried near a pious female Prophetic descendant.

This is an important lesson for physical Jews.