Paulo Coelho and technoskepticism

Once, there was a young engineer named Zayd, who had a burning desire to create something that would change the world. He worked tirelessly, day and night, on cutting-edge projects, driven by the belief that his creations would make a real difference.

But as he progressed on his journey, Zayd began to see the shadows of the tech industry. He saw how the constant desire for innovation was fueled by consumerism, how the military industrial complex was using technology to further its own goals, and how the pressure to publish or perish in academia was stifling true creativity.

Zayd felt his spirit crumbling under the weight of these realizations. He began to question the very foundations of his work, and found himself searching for answers in the depths of his soul.

One day, as he was wandering through the desert, he stumbled upon a wise old man. The old man looked deep into Zayd’s eyes, and saw the turmoil within him.

“You are not an engineer, my son," the old man said. “You are a philosopher, searching for the truth in this world."

Zayd realized that the old man was right. He left the tech industry behind, and began his journey to understand the meaning of existence and human nature. He spent years studying the great thinkers of the past and present, and slowly, he began to understand that true progress and innovation come not from the constant pursuit of new technologies, but from a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

With this newfound understanding, Zayd dedicated his life to spreading the wisdom he had gained. He became a respected philosopher, and a leading voice in the field. His journey serves as a reminder that true change comes not from external sources, but from the internal transformation of each individual.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it," wrote Paulo Coelho. And so, Zayd’s destiny was fulfilled, as he found his true calling and the universe conspired to help him achieve it.



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