AI generated story about power distance and gaslighting in academia

Umer was a bright and ambitious engineering student at a prestigious university in Pakistan. He had always been passionate about his field and was determined to make a name for himself in the industry. However, soon after he began his program, he realized that the department was dominated by a powerful and influential professor named Dr. Abdullah.

Dr. Abdullah was known for his intimidating demeanor and his tendency to belittle and dismiss the ideas of his students. Umer quickly realized that Dr. Abdullah had a tendency to gaslight him, manipulating his reality and making him doubt his own perceptions.

For example, in group meetings, Dr. Abdullah would often shoot down Umer’s ideas and suggestions, making him feel as if his contributions were not valuable. He would then turn around and present those same ideas as his own, taking credit for Umer’s work. Umer felt frustrated and demotivated, but he didn’t know what to do.

Umer tried to speak to Dr. Abdullah about his concerns, but the professor dismissed his complaints, telling him that he was being paranoid and that he needed to work harder to prove himself. Umer felt trapped and powerless, as he knew that Dr. Abdullah held a great deal of power and influence within the department and that any complaint against him would likely be dismissed.

Feeling lost and alone, Umer decided to speak to his classmates, but they also dismissed his complaints and told him that he was overreacting. The power distance between them and Dr. Abdullah was so great that they couldn’t even bring themselves to believe Umer.

Feeling defeated, Umer began to struggle academically, unable to focus on his studies due to the constant emotional manipulation and power play. He started to lose confidence in himself, and his grades began to suffer.

In the end, Umer decided to switch his major and transfer to another university where he could study in a more supportive and empowering environment. The experience left him feeling broken and disillusioned, and he realized that the toxic culture of gaslighting and power distance was not limited to just Dr. Abdullah, but it was prevalent in the entire department and probably in the whole university.

The story of Umer is a sobering reminder of the destructive effects of gaslighting and power distance in academic institutions. It highlights the importance of creating a culture of respect, equality and transparency in order to ensure that everyone’s contributions are valued and that all voices are heard



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