The liturgy of Ishmael in Rome

In the name of The Ultimate Great Self whose compassion is simultaenousy universal towards creation and exceptional for those who find Him

  1. Ultimate gratitude and praise is deserved by the  Developer of all paradigms, realms and multicosms, who develops with parental attention to detail.
  2. His mercy is both universal and exceptional
  3. He is the Supervisor of the Day of Final Accountability
  4. We unidirectionally pray with all physiological symbols including the prefrontal cortex, and we try to become indepedent of creation in seeking assistance.
  5. We ask for a positioning system regarding the morality and divine acceptance of our actions in the desert of existence.
  6. The map of those who have already attained Thy grace and such fortunate souls and minds are neither under the pharisaic curse nor under the misguidance of obsessive agape.




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