Why Germany did not help Bosnia

A Bosnian brother posted this which should clarify :”Okay, I’ll quickly write this down because some of you seem to be unaware of what was happening during that time. The unit was formed in response to the massacre of Bosniaks in Eastern Bosnia. The Muslims sought weapons and protection from German authorities, forming a unit to protect themselves from Draza Mihajlovic and his Chetnik hordes. The main objective of the unit was the protection of homes and families, but the Germans did not follow the agreement.

Let me begin by saying what the Serbs were doing in Eastern Bosnia. I will cite one example among many. In the village of Popov Most, the Chetniks had kidnapped children from their parents and murdered them in the most brutal manner. They held them by their legs, turned them upside down, and pushed their heads into the boiling water inside the cauldron, until their eyes leaked. According to the information we have about 10-15 children were killed in such a way – only in that village

And one last thing, it is well known that the unit rebelled against the Nazi regime and had some of the Nazis killed. Due to this, some Bosniaks were captured and executed.”




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