Honest dialogue with an Armenian

Ishmael Abraham We voted for Erdogan because we thought he could buffer sexual revolution which is common enemy of believers. I think Stalin caused us both suffering

The problem with Erdogan is that he has delusional ambitions of resurrecting the ottoman empire. He is very dangerous to us. But a more secular Turkey might be willing to come to some kind of agreement.

Ishmael AbrahamSako Gekchyan The spiritual goal of Ottomanism was to Islamize Constantinople which was achieved. To achieve it again in secular Istanbul requires only spiritual means. Sunnis will keep loving Erdogan due to murder of Morsi in Egypt because Sunnis have lost traditional leadership since world wars.

Sako GekchyanIshmael AbrahamThe problem is that this also involves the oppression of religious and ethnic minorities.

 Ishmael AbrahamI think traditional bearded Sunnis are also a cultural minority in modern world on whose behalf he acts. Only Gulen and Harun Yahya can challenge him on spiritual grounds. Identity politics is powerful whether Israel or Turkey.




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