Islam and Metaphilosphy vs materialism

Ishmael Abraham there is not much progress in metaphilosophy to move towards universal wisdom.

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Materialism is where it’s at

Ishmael Abraham Does materialism include pre big bang fluctuations because they defy space and time but still exist.

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham A lack of scientific understanding does not then validate mysticism

Ishmael Abraham According to first definition my comment is irrelevant but quantum fluctuations are not obviously matter so soviet philosophy needs update.

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Your ‘God of the gaps’ philosophy needs an update.

Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam Sunni Islam dislikes mysticism like revolutionary Maccabees. But greek philosophy emerged from mysticism of Pythagoras.

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Faith is inherently mysticism, Ishmael.

Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam I am not trying to prove God here. But secularism evolved through denominational gaps of religion. I call it secularism of the gaps.

Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam Christian Jungian faith is, but Freudian legalistic dialectic that shaped Marx is very different to whatever you ever experienced about faith.Edit or delete this

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham That’s… not even remotely true. Maybe individual secularists evolved that way, but philosophy can do away with religious assertions without science.

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Your initial comment neglects materialism and therefore gives away your bias.

Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam Without Muslims and Christians there would be no greek philosophy today because west experienced two dark ages. One even before Christ.

Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham We’re not debating value that religious people have contributed, which is fairly arbitrary. We’re debating truth.

Ishmael Abraham My comment was about metaphilosphy not philosophy. This means trying to know what is philosophy itself. materialism is a type of philosophy.

Ishmael Abraham My first comment means is philosophy as true as science.

Ishmael Abraham To say religion is biased, and greek philosophy is not, may not be true.



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