Engineer Mirza between qawlan sadeedan and qawlan layyinan

Engineer Mirza between qawlan sadeedan and qawlan layyinan

Between precise polemic and damage control

The art of precision can improve with precise feedback

I have written this to avoid future law and order complications in Pakistan, but still I would advise qawlan layyinan according to Quran because ummah deserves more qawlan layyinan than firawn.

توحیدی حسینیت اور اتحاد امت کا پیغام اب پھیل چکا اب ابن جوزی ابن قیم کی آخرت پرستی درکار ہے

I am a tahawi husayni engineer and not a salafi husayni engineer so I intend more to clarify than defend a personality cult.

The qawlan sadeedan of accurate and unifying ijtihad is already achieved. Now we should focus on damage control by qawlan layyinan.

A compilation of provocative quotes has been put together which can generate mobs in future.

Comparing Quran to French slang is indeed provocative, but isn’t learning Arabic better than modernists who love aggressive French secularism which bans face veil of niqab.

Indeed French is a language created by God and it is a sign of God. Comparing ignorance of Quran to ignorance of French was sufficient but addition of word slang was not wise.

The issue of Companionship is also very controversial and must be treated with respectful sensitivity, but indeed Shahadatayn are far more unifying.

We should not allow the issue of Companionship to become a source a bloodshed, so if polemic is intended by a Sunni for unity it should not be treated equal to a biased Shia.

According to first Caliph punishing the disrespect of Companions is against penal rights of Seal of Prophethood because it is his exclusive right.

The idea of apostasy after Prophet is proven by Quran and quote of first Caliph that how can I remain alive if religion is diminishing.

By quoting the adab of Ali during Hudaybiya, it is proven that adab is greater than obedience.

Kal ka chokra is an aggressive subcontinental translation of patronizing attitiude of Jews and Christians towards Islam.

Quran also quotes the insult of rayeena.

Allah Allah Allah is the pinnacle of annihilation which is not meant for cognitive information.

Takfir of initiator of Takfir on a bloodless person is proven by Hadith.

The Prophet of Islam compared mutual bloodshed of Muslims as an act of kufr and Shia can use this Hadith which can apply to violent Shia.

The Hadith of stomach of Muawiyah is in Sahih Muslim. May Allah protect us from overeating and being judgemental pharisees about eating disorders.

Did Musaylama deny the Prophethood of our Prophet.

According to Hadith the more difficulty in reading Quran the more reward.

Saudis tend to like modern Salafis without proper tajwid compared to traditional Salafis even if they are wonderful Qaris.

We can use population statistics and extrapolate them into past to verify the nine million figure. He must also bring scientific burhan to prove his claim as per Quran.

Sunnah is highest level of wilayah.

Honest scholars of Barelwi movement are very reformed Sufis.

Precise speech which is dangerous in short term can save from long term bloodshed. But it should not be turned into an anarchist habit.

May Allah bless the popular Pakistani engineer with adab of Ali at hudaybiya.

Educated lay theologians should also avoid anal haq they criticize and should repent towards huwal haq.

Anal haq can be proportional to popularity.

توحیدی حسینیت اور اتحاد امت کا پیغام اب پھیل چکا اب ابن جوزی ابن قیم کی آخرت پرستی درکار ہے



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