Golda Meir, peace and Islam

ایک مذہبی تعلیم یافتہ صیہونی کو ترک اور مصری جمہوری اسلام کی دعوت

Ronnie Nathan Peace will be defined by cooperative game theory and interfaith dialogue. I do not think her opinion could ensure peace. Even Einstein supported cultural zionism instead of political zionism but this did not stop IDF from doing what it did and will do. During fight or flight psyche, we are unable to make nuanced decisions. Teaching your children both tolerance and social justice is important and Egyptians and Turks have achieved that. Hamas is inspired by Turkey and Egypt so you can engage with Turkish and Egyptian thinkers to influence their actions. Harun Yahya, Dr Iyad Qunaibi and Dr Adnan Ibrahim who represent modern educated neo orthodoxy and who respect Torah commandments can be reached on youtube.



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