Ungrammatical civil war: A desperate criticism of Quranic linguistics

André Uttley Ok it took time because even arab secularists didn’t consider it worthy of discussing. Taifatan is indeed a non singular noun which uses a non singular verb iqtataloo. why would an english speaker object to plural verb for non singular noun.

Ishmael, it has nothing to do with being non-singular. This is your last chance. Try again. I’ll wait…

André Uttley I am more busy trying to act on the verse. Last chance to remain in your heaven for not knowing what is the alleged error in your mind is very immature threat. The verse refers to battle of Siffin where believers are expected to choose the persecuted believers during civil war. Calling standard ethical operating procedure of a civil war ungrammatical is to mix linguistics and politics. I would recommend you to specialize in military law and/or legal psychology to make better sense of your perceived error. I will wait for you to describe the lack of grammar to see if it something other critics could not see before.




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