Is Corona blessing in disguise?

The Prophet (s) said: Plague is a punishment for deniers and a mercy for affirmers. Corona has become heaven on earth for me due to i) monastic feeling at home, ii) more time for God and family iii) more time for my scientific research iv) more time for company of my spiritual teachers v) a kind of globalization which is not about sexual revolution vi) more ummahness contrary to modern individualism vii) the global awareness of practical subhumanness of Iranians, Palestinians and Kashmiris even during humanitarian crisis viii) global debate and competition of religion and secularism in dealing with an inconclusive double edged sword which can ignite great scientific and inner progress ix) a greater self awareness of spiritual and physical hygiene among Muslims x) a prospect of global repentance and global transformation xi) revival of concept of tough love during quarantine which sounded totalitarian xii) a greater contempt for biowarfare xii) greater appreciation for concept of halal and kosher meat xiii) world powers failing at playing God xiv) Turkish research on thymoquinone which refutes orientalist project xv) more awareness of pro scientific nature of Islam xvi) a prospect of Eastern medical self sufficiency xvii) a refutation of military industrial complex xviii) failure of equations to solve the problem of panic xix) a simultaneous refutation of hashawi fideism and polytheistic scientism xx) Street existentialism xxi) the awareness of Hadith of empty Ka’bah confirming Prophetic prescience xxii) an intellectual learning zone for traditional scholars xxiii) importance of concept of demarcating beast of earth filtering the moral and the immoral xxiv) a punishment for capitalist/stalinist and yazidi/rafz crimes. xxv) disaster managing potential of centrist ideas and lifestyles.



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