Altruistic feminism in 2020 Pakistan

پاکستان میں خواتین کی حقوق پسندی اور حقوق پرستی کی کشمکش

Response to a passionate anti traditional western feminist:

Dealing with anarchist feminism is not my priority right now. A famous Pakistani drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi created by faithful semifeminists has made the idea of altruistic feminism popular, so I don’t think there is a need for radical anti feminism at least in 2020 Pakistan. My orthodox wife is a semi anti feminist. My wife has co opted with free flow of knowledge and she is an orthodox political scientist. You can study how battle of Jamal has already refuted feminism in Eastern world. But this is too much nuance for you to deconstruct. I hope you leave your comfort zone of self sufficiency to at least re read what I have said. Thanks again for outreach



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