Paradox of pious dictatorial pope

To Avellina Ballestri a roman catholic: In Islam, we have the paradox of a pious dictatorial pope called Mu’awiyah. Anti traditionalists think his autocracy is obvious, but there are fideistic Sufis who think he is the mystery of conservative culture who deserves emotional attachment due to his personal piety because the alternative is Godless socialists. For the same reason I feel uncomfortable around liberal unitarian Christians. I learned that Christadelphians are conservative unitarians but still millenia of rich history does not compare to greek rootlessness. I would be happy if I met an Arian Catholic but that needs both richness of tradition and richness of scripture and most modern westerners are not ready for it yet. But this is the most honest and tolerant form of fideistic trinitarisnism I may have even witnessed. In a world of radical modernity, Catholicism is most radical traditionalism, but maybe in 22nd century, people may be better able to get over current polarized anti centrism towards optimal centrism of Islam, which represents not just a Protestant Catholic prima scriptura optimization but even more fundamental Judeao-Christian optimization through the glory of Ishmael peace be upon him whom One God hears.



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