Pseudo feminist Antichrist

According to Hadith women of believers will run towards pseudo feminist Antichrist and faithful husbands must become spiritually assertive to stop that.

Peter Bell This is not a straightforward saying but is heavily nuanced and “tricky." It implies (by stating “pseudo feminist") that there is a healthy and authentic form of feminism which is more consistent with Christ than with Antichrist, and that it will be a good thing for believing women (and believing men as well) to follow this kind of feminism for the liberation of women from the centuries of bondage they have been under. The same faithful husbands who oppose “pseudo-feminism" will do well to embrace this true feminism in the name of faithfulness to their brides and to God. I can fully agree with this, though it is not stated in your quote (summary) from Hadith here but only implied.



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