Global South, love, equality and reconciliation

Mónica Caro Həsənova Ishmael Abraham hi brother. I have studied Sociology and I could write a nice comment on this division leveled concept. But, I am more concerned on how to develope or souls during our lifetime. And that is has not an economical determination. Luckily for us. Thinking we are divided by our capability to love, to reach happiness, to be free, finding god. 💕
Ishmael Abraham Mónica Caro Həsənova If Marx being Jewish developed himself like Jesus, we could enjoy both love and equality. Jesus said: Love will grow cold. Islam teaches people would consider ethical people as weak and stupid. May God make us both source of love, ethics and equality in Latin America, South Asia and Central Asia.
Ishmael Abraham I like existential psychology in which we align our happiness with purpose of life based on seeking answers to existential questions. Kierkegaard loved my grandfather Abraham peace be upon him.


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