How to reconcile culturally divided siblings through pious transmodernity

Letter to an American Muslimah modernist who dislikes Pakistani traditionalism :

Molana represents good and bad of our culture. On the good side he represents a bridge of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Bukhari. My wife blindly follows Imam Abu Hanifa and Dr Farhat Hashmi follows Imam Bukhari. I follow both but to improve my wife I tell her I follow Imam Shafii. The bad side is he knows pangabazi( machiavellian tactics) of politicians. But in Pakistan pangabaz Darwinists are more successful. Pious modernists try to reform both modernists and traditionalists so divided siblings need transmodernity and trans traditionalism of pious neo traditionalists. Today my wife attended a neo traditional Dars and she was laughing at their Quranic skills.

Molana means the centre of love and leadership in traditional culture. But modern hero worship has displaced traditional centre of love and leadership



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