Dynamic God and quantum fluctuations

If quantum fluctuations are a process then it accords with Quran that God is a dynamic entity engaged in processes. And, are scientific descriptions conclusive, which I think are not, because we do not have a theory of everything.

The uniqueness of Quranic description rather than explanation is in contrast to a resting biblical God. The verse I referred is one of many. By conclusive I mean, is nothing already fully described, or is it an evolving idea of nothingness. And, since I am a professional student of quantum mechanics, how is rigorous study of quantum fluctuations going to affect my monotheistic belief. And, believers should be encouraged to deal with scientific concepts in a safe zone in order to be able to build bridges with modern world. If a fish leaves comfort zone and explores open air for some moments it should be welcomed rather than discussing it’s flying credentials in a patronizing way. I have seen Hitchens and Dawkins leaving comfort zone and trying to deal with Quran in patronizing ways, but still it was better than Greco-Roman indifference.




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