A conversation between traditional textual critics, worship frequenters and pious modernists

I know that my matrilineal grandfather Ali ra said we will boycott those who do not come to Masjid in terms of food and marriage. I also know narrations which say that people of Paradise make Quran their speech and make Masjid their home, yet this mission is impossible today without voluntary enthusiasm called targhib. As far as weak Hadith is concerned I like the moderate approach of Imam Hakim. Stories do move people emotionally and Tamim Dari liked to narrate stories but Caliph Umar ra disliked it. Quran also says لنثبت به فؤادك that spiritual stories make hearts of believers stronger. Isnad policing or textual criticism can help in political and legal Ijtihad or textual reasoning but for psychological transformation of society we cannot throw away baby with the water of tradition like Protestants. And, intellectual bibliophilic pride is very common in my own family which needs healing through anti bibliophilic spirituality like Dawud Tai a student of Abu Hanifa threw his books in the river. Of course I would not give this advice to an anti intellectual sufi but we the pious modernists need this advice immensely




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