Orthodox Muslims, boredom and meaning

I have a great job, a terrific apartment, loving parents. Haven’t touched alcohol in years, and never tried illicit drugs. No gambling, no reckless driving, no extreme sports. No sex in over a year. And turning 36 next week.

I am profoundly bored.
I got here by swallowing my feelings and continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Nowadays it takes 300mg of Effexor a day to that. Boredom never ends. And it does not feel like an emptiness, but rather like I’m being buried alive. Life means nothing, there is no point, no purpose that I can find.

I am an orthodox Muslim. People may expect us to have very boring lives but our meaningful lives help us a lot to deal with existential boredom. Exploring the local Mosque and/or Muslim community might help you.





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