Comparing white Muslims and brown atheists

I pray to Allah to make Muslims be more spiritually interactive to make the rate of rise in white converts to Islam higher than that of brown atheists.

Abdul-halim Vaz That’s a weird way to measure success.
Ishmael Abraham I think IQ of converts is not a good measure. There is a Hadith that majority of people in Paradise will be bulh having average IQ. Quran 110:2 talks about afwaj or crowds entering Islam. But even quantity is not a good measure because a Prophet existed who failed to gain a single convert. Most important thing is duration of your preaching. Noah preaching for 950 years of calendar of his time mentioned in Quran is a a good point to remember.
Hussain Murtaza Why do you want white converts specifically??. Why not Asian, subcontinent and African converts?
Ishmael Abraham Ahmadis have focused on Africa which shows the missionary neglect by mainstream Muslims.
Ishmael Abraham What I intend to state is that I want the predominantly white modern atheist movement to remain localized to its greco-roman pagan origins.
Frank G Hahn I prefer old Norse religion myself the gods and Eddic stories tell tales of old from my home land which I prefer over Middle East myths
Ishmael Abraham Christ peace be upon him civilized you otherwise you would have been annihilated from history.


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