Is God merciful? The story of Muslim saint and a poor widow

A widow had only three coins. She bought wool for it. A bird came and took away the ball of wool. She wept and went to a Muslim saint Dawud Tai. She asked him: Is God merciful? Meanwhile ten people knocked at the door. They told him that they were in the ocean and there was a hole in their ship and they were about to drown. We vowed to God, that if He saves us we will spend one thousand coins each in charity.Then a bird came and threw the ball of wool in the ship. We used that ball to block the hole and we were saved. We came on the shore and asked for a noble person. They told us about you so take these coins and spend it on the poor. The saint gave the coins to the woman and asked: Is God merciful? She wept and thanked God.

Modern scientist Dr Basil Al Taei belongs to the tribe of the same saint.



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