Types of apostasy

There are two types of apostasy. Apostasy due to lusts and and due to doubts. Sufi mysticism seeks to heal the darkness of lusts and Ijtihad scholarship seeks to illuminate the darkness of doubts. The enlightenment of faith is a synergy of both endeavors. Another two types are: the antinomian one which is a result of too liberal upbringing without wisdom and the pharisaic one which is a result to too harsh upbringing without compassion.

Peter Bell This is a fine line to walk, between antinomianism and phariseeism, lawlessness and legalism. We need the grace of mysticism along with the wisdom of good scholarship to bring us to “the enlightenment of faith … a synergy of both endeavors." This balance and wisdom are widely available — as attested to by so many of our texts — but so few of us seem to find them.




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