Haya: Relationship of respect with God based on ethical shyness

If you want honesty in your relationships, reward honesty. Appreciate it and give thanks when your child or spouse shares something honest with you that they didn’t want to tell you. If you lash out and punish them for telling the truth, you are setting yourself up for dishonesty. For an inauthentic life. For a life of acting and fakeness and pretending to please you while really not.

Ishmael Abraham I would never share my personal sins between me and God, to a priest like Catholics or to parents or society like modernists. We have a beautiful concept of haya a private relationship of respect with God based on ethical shyness about sins . According to Guy Winch a western psychologist guilt is a relationship protector. Thanks God, I feel guilty when I look at semi-nudity in public places. I love that I have a father who would be angry if I told him about the semi-nudity I witnessed during the day. Death of righteous anger is the death of faith and the Godless empire of military-industrial-cultural complex seeks to destroy it to conquer defiant faith, but thanks God saints in every age will keep the candle of haya burning.



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