Quora: Islam, existential anxiety and thanatophobia

Quran talks about misotheistic/angry non-faith as well as how faith inspires existential anxiety and awakens the moral anxiety, and we tend to feel euphoric rather than dealing with existential dysphoria. So, one can call it euphoria-seeking escapism than a phobia. People have talked about thanatophobia. Phobia is an intense form of anxiety. The more we do not deal with existential anxiety in daily life due to being more involved in temporal affairs after the industrial and sexual revolutions, there is high probability of this developing into full fledged thanatophobia or Islamophobia.

Although Islam is more life-affirming than Christianity, but since as a reaction to historical life denial in Christianity, the modern culture takes life affirmation to higher levels, so even Islamic moderate life affirmation seems as primitive leading to a form of anti-traditionalist xenophobia which can be seen from the economic lens of class conflict. Knietzsche understood how Islam is more life affirming than Christianity but modern atheism has lack of empathy due to cultural narcissism their classical predecessors tried to overcome.




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