Cult studies, Dave Marash and imperfections of secularists

I have tried to engage with experts of cult studies about definition of cult like Alexandra Stein but she ignored that. Many people see my faith as a cult but I think if you are open-minded to dialogue it is intellectually dishonest to describe such a person as a cult member. I think neglect or self-neglect is an issue related to mystic forms of religion and Quran 57:27 criticizes monastic mysticism and encourages social and intellectual participation. Religious people being humans are imperfect like secular humans but western culture condones the imperfections of secularists and disproportionately highlights the imperfections of the religious. However, there are secular intellectuals who empathetically analyze the fundamentalist movements. For example Martin Seligman a psychologist describes fundamentalists as the most optimistic people in the world. I do not know much about the theology or abuses of Aggressive Christianity but your distinction between anti- Semitism and anti-Zionism made me want to talk to you.


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