Quran 75:2, Dunning Kruger effect and the self-hating self

Why do so many right wingers believe they are geniuses at economics, simply because they hate poor people? The worst part is many right wingers are poor themselves and think that their bourgeoise aspirations make them better than other poor people. The Dunning Krüger effect in operation.
This effect was studied for millenia in Abrahamic theosophy. A Sufi scholar Yahya bin Mu’adh said: Who recognizes himself recognizes God. However, this self-insight is focused on recognizing our incompetence rather than competence because Quran glorifies nafs lawwamah or the self-hating self. Like Guy Winch a western psychologist says that guilt is a relationship protector. Dr Ali Shariati was the best Muslim sociologist who studied class conflict in depth.



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