Terry Pratchett: In my religion, the building of a telescope is the building of a cathedral.

Muslims never believed in the superficial dichotomy between mosques and astronomy. Atheistic paganism is similar to Nicene paganism of impressive cathedrals (something Islam discourages) , both glorify creation instead of the Creator. The former has hijacked telescope as its symbol while Nicene pagans hijacked Christ peace be upon him as their symbol. The former glorifies pseudo-scientific intellectuals instead of Creator while latter glorifies pseudo-religious bishops instead of Creator. Both need the truth of Islam which appreciates science as a blessed message of Creator without worshipping and blindly imitating (taqlid) scientists and the blessed message of Abrahamic unitarianism(tawhid) without worshipping the Messengers of God. Islam unifies mosques and telescopes. Ibn Al-Haytham who taught the West about optics which led to the invention of telescope did not hate mosques because the mosques taught him the following:
{ Quran 2:164 “In the creation of the heavens and Earth, and the alternation of the night and day, and the ships which sail the seas to people’s benefit, and the water which God sends down from the sky – by which He brings the Earth to life when it was dead and scatters about in it creatures of every kind – and the varying direction of the winds, and the clouds subservient between heaven and Earth, there are signs for people who use their intellect.”}
According to David King, after the rise of Islam, the religious obligation to determine the qibla and prayer times inspired more progress in astronomy for centuries.
During the 10th century, Ibn Sahl, a Muslim mathematician of the Islamic Golden Age, in his treatise On Burning Mirrors and Lenses sets out his understanding of how curved mirrors and lenses bend and focus light. Ibn Sahl is credited with first discovering the law of refraction, usually called Snell’s law. He used the law of refraction to derive lens shapes that focus light with no geometric aberrations, known as anaclastic lenses
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The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System
Oscar Marshall admits in Alhazen and the Telescope published in Journal: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Leaflets, Vol. 6, No. 251, p.4 that western investigators ignore these contributions due to biases inherited from Crusaders. George Sarton calls Alhazen the greatest Muslim physicist and student of optics of all times. Kepler digested Reisner’s translation of his book.
Vasco Ronhci asks why was there hiatus between invention of lens and telescope? I think the reason was fall of Abbasid caliphate by Mongols. Adam Smith also acknowledges that sciences flourished under caliphate.
Ignatius elevated one of the elders above all the others and called him “the bishop.” According to Ignatius, the bishop has ultimate power and should be obeyed absolutely. In Islam, absolute obedience belongs to God. Even Protestants have adopted pagan beliefs from Catholics like people standing in church while pastors are seated. They have not abandon the pagan worship on Sunday. They have not abandoned pagan trinity. They have not abandoned pagan symbol of cross. And most importantly they have embraced pagan Godless Zionism. Using music was a roman custom found in Protestant churches.



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