An atheist asks me to consider atheism


Jerry Sexton A very nice column, Ishmael. I share many of your views about Christian origins. I ask you and others to consider the possibility that you have been mislead all along, that none of the religious stories and customs that you have been taught have any divine source. You don’t have to believe my assertion, for a few minutes just open your mind to the possibility.
Ishmael Abraham So, I should start thinking that nothingness caused something which defies the whole concept of science without any evidence, and I should accept the slavery of secular state and modernity which are based on greed, sex and fame and should accept that pornography, sodomy, incest and masturbation are moral, and that Dr. Afia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir will be liberated through secular humanism. I should ignore that Hitchens an atheist supported Iraq war which has killed millions and Harris an atheist who supports Jewish occupation which has killed millions. I should also accept the lie of Dawkins that Quran is like Mein Kampf and I should also accept the lie of Dennet that Islam is a parasite. I have a truth-seeking mind which thinks and I can never accept all these intellectually and morally dishonest lies. And should I also ignore the spiritual compatibility of Quran with human mind and modern science as a mere “coincidence". I am not talking about one “coincidence" of singularity at big bang but there are too many. You are unconscious victim of Antichrist brainwashing of western culture which has always been pagan although it adopted the artificial mask of Christianity for 2 millenia. Atheists are honest to admit that West was never on God’s side. Western power is not a sign of its being based on truth, maybe on half-truths, and no empire is history has ever been eternal. You will soon not be a part of West and will face your own spiritual destiny in the grave. You are seduced by the idol of your own making which is modernity, and you are seducing humanity to start worshipping that idol too. You need to overcome your delusions of grandeur like Quran tells how all immoral civilizations of past suffered from that. Your future generations will either call you backward by being more deluded about their power, or may be they start appreciating that how their intellectual leaders kept them in xenophobic ignorance about the biggest spiritual moral philosophy on earth by manipulating the anti-religious or xenophobic prejudices of masses. But Muslim scholars and saints are the most spiritually enlightened people on earth, they understand the human weaknesses and temptations and how Quran cures them. I think I have found the true alchemy of happiness and I want to share it with humanity. I agree with my father who disagreed with the American dream and the vision of pursuit of materialistic happiness and returned back from US after he won a scholarship to study there, to altruistically serve his brothers in faith by sacrificing his career. Hadith describes Antichrist having mountains of wheat with him and will kill men of faith. And it is not a coincidence that US dollar bill contains symbols of wheat and arrows, and it is a fact that they have economically enslaved the world based on forbidden interest(riba) and are actively killing believers. You may agree with my criticism of Christianity, but Islam and Christ peace be upon him have a lot more in common than Christ peace be upon him and modern Christianity which has a lot in common with atheists. I do not agree with the word addicting for religion due to its negative connotations. As Hawking (due to his professional economic circumstances) says that most people(who are practically secular like him) ignore the ultimate questions about life and universe, so it is morally far superior to engage in religious studies which discuss the ultimate questions about life and universe than secular forms of escapism like pornography, Hollywood and MTV.


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