Simulation hypothesis and Islam

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is discussing Simulation Hypothesis: Quran talks about a Protected Tablet(Lawh Mahfuz) where the code of entire universe throughout its history is written. And Ibn Arabi a controversial Sufi saint and scholar has discussed the idea of universe being an illusion in his theology called unity of being which orthodox critics criticize for being misunderstood as pantheism.
Jerry Sexton Ishmael, are you agreeing with Tyson about the notion of a simulation?
Ishmael Abraham He is partly right. Our simulation is not deterministic like human simulations but accounts for freewill.
Jerry Sexton Predestination is spoken of in the Quran, is it not?
Ishmael Abraham Quran mentions both predestination and freewill. Ali may God be pleased with him explained it as you can lift one foot but not both. So, truth lies between metaphysical libertarianism and absolute fatalism.
Jerry Sexton You know me, I don’t believe in freewill, but even if I did, I cannot understand how Allah chooses who will believe and be saved ahead of time but still give them freewill.
Ishmael Abraham There is no mystery in Islam about God’s oneness like pagan trinity. But the debates among classical Muslims surrounded the question of freewill. Heterodox Mutazilah rationalist Muslims denied predestination altogether and believed in complete freewill. But orthodox Muslims believe in the intermediate position as an article of faith. There is a weak Hadith that those who deny predestination are followers of Antichrist and we see this in modern West.
Jerry Sexton According to physicists, our timeline… Past, present and future, is thought to all exist at the same in space-time . Many biologists also say that our brain chemistry determines our actions.
Chas Riley Or just your actions? Maybe playing the Akashic record will help the angst?
Jerry Sexton I love Hitch
Ishmael Abraham The murderer who supported Iraq war killing a million believers in the name of sodomy, porn and abortion.
Jerry Sexton Hitchens was wrong about Iraq. At the time, I was also. The 911 hijackers and subsequent media fueled the madness. People wanted revenge, the government gave them what they wanted.
Ishmael Abraham So, atheists are part of Islamophobic madness.
Ishmael Abraham Then why do atheists believe in secular liberalism? According to Darwinian paganism there is no room for that.
Jerry Sexton Secular liberalism is separation of culture and state from religion. I am not sure what you mean by pagan Darwinism.
Ishmael Abraham The concept of freedom from God implies belief in freewill.
Jerry Sexton According to Quran, god has both chosen and created who will be in paradise.
Ishmael Abraham God says in Quran: He guides(hidayah) unto Himself who turns towards Him.(inabah). So, hidayah by God requires inabah by man.

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  1. Abu Talhah 09/09/2020 / 6:38 下午

    Assalāmu `alaykum,

    “Heterodox Mutazilah rationalist Muslims denied predestination altogether and believed in complete freewill."

    Would you be kind enough to provide a Mu`tazilī reference for that statement? My understanding was that, rather than denying قدر, which is quite impossible as the Qur’ān mentions it, they rejected any interpretation of it that implied جبر. Their discussions on the topic, other than that, revolved mainly around who gets the “blame," as it were, for men’s misdeeds and how exactly to formulate said relationship between created and Creator ﷻ.


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