Debate with an Arab atheist 

Hussain Murtaza Good work. Jerry Sexton So science that is peer reviewed and widely accepted is pseudo science because you disagree with it? Your default position, when it appears you do not have an answer, is “give me your own ideas, not ones from Zionists". Ishmael Abraham He gave me opinions of atheists to listen to not peer reviewed papers. I have refuted that video too. See my timeline. Asking for originality is not the same thing as ignorance. I did not evade any questions, he did. Jerry Sexton You asked him to explain abiogenesis with his own ideas, but if he defaulted to “God" as the answer, then it wouldn’t be his own idea either. Ishmael Abraham I did not ask him to explain abiogenesis. I simply stated the ignorance of scientists about that. He is refuting an answer given by Christian philosophers to refute my arguments about God which is a strawman. Everyone can reach God through his own ideas according to Islam. Islam teaches that one should persuade each soul according to their own IQ levels.


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