Conversation with Seandor Szeles about free will 

The approach of Islam about free will is intermediate between absolute fatalism called jabariya in Arabic (having same etymology as determinism of Algebra) as of some Christian sects and absolute self-deifying affirmation of free will in Zoroastrianism called qadariya in Arabic. The latter was adopted by heterodox Mutazila sects in Islam, and it was prophesied in Hadith sacred texts that unipolar Antichrist world order and its supporters will embrace it. The orthodox approach in Islam is between two extremes. Western thought tends to think in a reductionist way in discrete binary terms while ignoring the continuum. For example, a Muslim saint said: We can lift one foot which is our free will, and we cannot lift both feet which is our determinism. We can jump, but even rockets cannot escape gravity as long as they have mass.


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