Brainwashing children for voluntary exhibitionism and sexualized mentality through public breastfeeding with exposed breasts

Ishmael Abraham Those children who witness public breastfeeding with exposed breasts may want to become voluntary exhibitionists when they grow up because they were brainwashed to normalize nudity while young.
Jason Cawley If you actually believe that you are what is wrong with the world
 Ishmael AbrahamStop spreading sexual corruption on earth. And when they are told, “Do not spread corruption on earth," they answer, “We are but improving things!" – Quran 2:11
 Jason Cawley How is it sexual corruption if she is feeding a child? If it’s sexual to you then it’s your sick mind & you were obviously not raised with a strong woman in the house. Shame
Ishmael Abraham The lactational utility of breasts for the child does not negate their sexual utility for observers. If you are so sex-positive then the idea of sickness of mind and shame does not make sense according to your Godless paradigm. My zoologist and fully veiled mother is stronger than your pornstars and she has faith like Dr. Afia God willing. Hypersexualized minds are not affected by semi-nudity but those who resist the temptations of adultery of eyes on daily basis find even semi-nudity offensive due to spiritual defense mechanism God has endowed faith with.
 Jason Cawley Milky breasts are not sexual & if they are to you don’t look! I could resist temptation on a nudist beach, it’s called self control & being a good person. If nudity make you think of adulatory or offends you then you are not and to use God as an excuse is just control. Faith is weakness
 Ishmael Abraham They are not sexual to you because of law of decreasing marginal utility. Resisting temptation does not mean not raping anyone, but resisting unholy thoughts and only angels and Prophets can claim to resist them so do not make dishonest and self-righteous claims. I have never committed adulterous intercourse, and never thought about it, but I consider looking at marriageable women visual adultery itself. I cannot even recall looking at a woman in real life with lust although I feel threatened by semi-nude women on media. I have not done anything wrong, so I am not making any excuse. I am not ‘using’ God, because you or people here cannot benefit me in anyway. I simply want humanity to stop hating their Creator and to start learning his holy commandments. In Islamic epistemology, faith is equivalent to recognition of Truth sent by God and truth empowers rather than weakening us. Westerners are being mind controlled by Godless Zionist media for new world order and only Islam can liberate their minds, hearts and souls from this mental slavery. Overcome your xenophobic paranoia about orthodox Muslims trying to control you, because if we had self-control of our own sovereignty, millions of Muslim believers would not have been martyred in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan while resisting sodomy and porn.


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