A merciful salafi criticism of the Muslim Evangelicals of Tablighi Jamat

The sayings of Ash-Shaykh Zayd Bn Hādī al-Madkhalī (hafidhahu-Llāh); „O Tablīgh Jamā’ah, by Allāh! We love that the Deen of Allāh be propagated even for twenty-four hours daily but…in what manner do we teach people? We have to teach them the correct knowledge and methodology. You cannot successfully acquire and protect this until you sit with the scholars that are competent to direct towards a sound and unblemished path. However, concerning how they go-out to skylines [for da‟wah] without knowing the correct meaning of lāilāha illā llāh, we reject this for them and we invite them saying: ‘People need knowledge…!’ Worse still, for your reliance on the Sufi methodology and your subservience to those who have allegiance to Sufi ideologies, we will never agree with you on this and will not say that you are on the (right) path of Allāh and so, cleanse the Da’wah from the errors in its methodology….82 He further said: “…but concerning the Tablīgh Jamā’ah, for those who will want to know more about their innovations and heresies, let him read the following books:
– ‘Waqafāt ma’a Jamā’atit-Tablīgh’ (‘Some Experiences with the Jamā‟āh Tablīgh’) by Ash Shaykh Nazzār bn Ibrāhīm al-Jurbū’ (may Allāh preserve him).



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