Islam and neuro-organizational justice

Islam teaches that on day of judgement a goat will get justice for being injured by another goat by the horn. Even on earth justice utopia can take place for seven years where microaggressions are minimized and finanical prosperity prevails to the extent that people return the extra money to the state treasury. Fairness is common to human and even mammalian brain.

Tahawi Islam and Indo-European emotional enlightenment

Thank you all for enlightening responses regarding interplay of h-index and emotional intelligence. I am a Pakistani academic dealing with South Asian ethnopsychology. Although race is outdated scientifically, we will still require centuries to overcome implicit racial biases within academia. I see racism as a collective EQ issue. You can analyze my personal experiences in terms of greater synergy and dichotmomy of Freudian and Jungian discourse. I am Jungian ethnically and Freudian by nurture.