Uyghur brothers and open minded socialism

Ishmael Abraham I think Chinese Muslims should be allowed to try statelessness if they agree to oppose foreign imperialism .
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham No. That’s never worked ever and never will.
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam I think Soviet Union still had implicit Christian humanism. But how can we ensure human rights in China without propaganda in absence of humanism.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham That implies they don’t have human rights already, which they do. Rights for religious people and being given an autonomous zone are two very different conversations.
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam You can try to live there pretending to be a Muslim or Christian convert.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Don’t most if not all Muslim majority nations support what China is doing to combat religious extremism? Something it seems you couldn’t be less interested in
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam because they consider unfree living more tolerable than casualties of war on terror. but maybe french secularism can be more open minded than china. my brother worked in european and chinese firms and his experience is personally negative even if it may have greater good.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham How would you combat religious extremism other than re-education? Or would you? They’re being handled as humanely as possible considering they’re literally a threat to the society. Yeah, sure, trust in French imperialism if you want. Self-interest seems to be overriding any principles for you
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam French destroyed North Africa and we fought it. But since Uyghurs are still very traditional Hanafis like me they do not ascribe to global sola scriptura.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham France is infamous for their islamophobia so, good luck with them
Ishmael Abraham My self interest is Pakistan which is military allied with Chinese socialism. I hope you do not consider me a propagandist. I just want an honest discussion.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham So you’re a nationalist? Right there we see a difference between us. My loyalty is to the international proletariat. Sometimes you want to have an honest discussion but almost half the time it seems you’re just yelling that Muslims should be able to do whatever they want all the time and screw anyone that gets in the way of your caliphate
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam Algerian saints taught French a lesson.
Ishmael Abraham Abraham Lincoln admired Algerian heroism.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Past heroics don’t make up for current mistakes
Ishmael Abraham I do not stereotype you. I hope this discussion will enrich our friendship
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham It would if you’d stop dodging every time I make a good point
Ishmael Abraham If you think I am mistaken, I can honestly reassess myself.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Anytime you try to critique me or communism and I give a rebuttal, it means I think you’re mistaken.
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam If I were a nationalist, I would support Chinese government.
Ishmael Abraham Huntington has discussed why international Sunni proletariat hates nationalism.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham There’s a role for anti-colonial nationalism insofar as it’s used for anti-colonial purposes. I’m not entirely sure where Pakistan stands on that.
Ishmael Abraham Caliphate is about global democratic consenus. Uyghurs want an ethnic state.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham It’s your religious bias that’s worrisome, though. Because you clearly don’t care about the threat the Uyghurs pose
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Fair enough, thank you for the vocab correction.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Though that charge was laid against you in general.
Ishmael Abraham Ok God can take care of them. I am more worried by Gaza like prison of Kashmir. But Indian Muslims judge us for not speaking about Uyghurs. I think you should not confuse complexity of East with my unwillingness to see and overcome my biases.
Ishmael Abraham Nick Elam You can see open mindedness of Majid Nawaz because he comes from a background of democratic spirituality.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham And all the Southerners around here wish I was a Christian Conservative. Social pressure means almost nothing to me as it should.
Ishmael Abraham Southern Protestants lack humble purity. Catholic socialism can heal them.
Nick Elam Ishmael Abraham Lmao. Nothing can heal most of these Southerners, certainly not more religion. Many of them are very clearly descended from plantation owners and proud of it.
Ishmael Abraham This was a tolerant exchange. We can take on even more challenging complexities with stoic tolerance and open mindedness God willing


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