Importance of ecumenical reform in West and Middle East

Pedram Moallemian, studied Psychology

Sunnis and Shias ARE at peace in much of the world living peacefully side by side. It has been that way for hundreds of years, until Wahhabism cane to prominence. Unlike other Sunnis and Shias, Wahhabis do not consider Shias (in particular) just another branch of the same religion, but infiltrators and idol worshippers pretending to be Muslim with the goal of destroying their religion and therefore deserving of the most brutal death to the point of eradication and genocide.

What has made things worse is that Wahhabism is practiced by rulers of Saudi Arabia who have used their vast petrol dollars over the last few decades to spread the ideology by opening mosques around the world, as the hub of radicalizing local Muslims with false propaganda and recruitment. Since 9/11 they have also acted to recruit volunteers for the terrorist groups Wahhabis have created and supported, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

So your question should perhaps be “can Wahhabis and Shias ever make peace?” To which I’d have to answer: not as long as one is openly pursuing and advocating the mass murder of the other one.


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