Science will always fail to reduce God to equations

Unpopular opinion:

Social and Political sciences, along with Ethics, are best understood within an evolutionary framework.

Ishmael Abraham Because Darwinism is zoological Machiavellianism. But like behavioral finance the patterns start to deviate when people start behaving more ethically and spiritually and in a less Machiavellian way. For example, ideally from conventional economic viewpoint man is rational and tries to maximize profit and minimize losses, so Islamic banking would be irrational. But still Islamic finance is a trillion dollar industry because conventional Machiavellian models fail to accurately describe the sophistication of spirituality. The same is true for war on terror. Political scientists fail to predict the behaviour of Muslims resisting imperialism because it is not based on pure cost and benefit analysis. Science will always fail to reduce God to equations and to successfully enslave faith to secular state.


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