Psychological terrorism by 21st century Sodom

Ishmael Abraham is feeling disgusted with Hussain Murtazaand Peter Bell.

Armin Navabi an Iranian atheist calls my God gay, in Canada. I wish not to bring my children into such a world. May God curse this man and humiliate him in this life and the next. I want to cry. Psychological terrorism at one of its worst. This is why young Muslims radicalize.

أنت مولانا فانصرنا على القوم الكافرين

O God! assist us against the deniers of truth.

Jerry Sexton If God is powerful, then surely he would not be hurt or angered by Navabi. I do not understand your tears.
Ishmael Abraham May God manifest His power against him.
Abel Hera Why do you care what he says? It’s his belief and his view , god will handle him , isn’t that correct ?
Ishmael Abraham Why specify my God, Allah?
Abel Hera Ishmael Abraham because he hates your god obviously , he believes your god is false and religion in general is not real that’s why , why do you care if he thinks that ? If god created him then god will deal with him , why would this make “Muslims radicalise” and make you “cry” , your god can destroy the universe if he wants to, but ur crying because a human made fun off him ?


Ishmael Abraham Because I love Him.
Peter Bell Ishmael Abraham I appreciate that you love God, and I admire your sensitivity toward those who would blaspheme against His character — surely a terrible thing for them to do. But the answer is most definitely not to respond by cursing this man. His behavior is offensive, but his soul is still precious and subject to redemption. The exhortation of the prophet Jesus is to “bless those that curse you, and pray for those who despitefully use you." I’m not sure where these sentiments may also be reflected in the Quran, but I do know that spiritual wisdom is never to return a curse with a curse, since that only aggravates and increases the circle of cursing. We are to bless and pray and redeem, even those who themselves are cursing and blaspheming. May God have mercy on this man’s soul, and on yours and mine too.
Ishmael Abraham JazakAllah. May God reward you. I love the zeal of Simon.
Peter Bell It is understandable and quite normal to be upset (yes, cry, and become angry, etc.) when the One you love is dishonored, neglected, spoken against. He is in fact sovereign and powerful as several of you have been saying, but that does not stop us from our normal responses to such outrageous and evil behavior against Him and His name and character. Even the prophet Jesus wept when his friend died, and expressed fierce anger against those who “made his Father’s house [which should be called a house of prayer] into a den of thieves." So it is not wrong or weak to respond in pain and anger against those who blaspheme the Name of the Holy One. But we need to respond as He does, with forgiving mercy and compassion even against the rebels and blasphemers. He desires to win every one of us (even the least worthy) to His allegiance, and we are in no way superior to the worst of sinners.


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