The immense atheistic faith in military industrial cultural complex

The reason driving the atheist propaganda is the immense faith in western military industrial cultural complex which thinks it can now defeat God forever after domesticating every religion other than Islam, which is what the parable of Gog and Magog actually means who intend to bury God. But this will have exactly the opposite effect, it will make believers more robust and informed, and the word of Quran will be fulfilled that Ishmaelite Logos will prevail in the world and will enter every home on earth as predicted by Hadith.


對「The immense atheistic faith in military industrial cultural complex」的一則回應

  1. rautakyy 09/09/2020 / 12:19 下午

    Well, to me it seems the western military industrial complex has been traditionally fed by western religious conservatism. This should be no news, as it is indeed the conservative politicians who most often play with our fears. Many fears indeed are the result of ignorance. Take for example the fear of the outsider, or of the foreigner. Religions form tight ingroups and all outsiders not sharing in the “virtue" of faith in the particular religion are seen as suspicious at the very least. Conservatism in itself springs forth from fear of the new and thus unknown. If one has high stakes at the military industrial complex (being a conservative politician, or merely a shareholder), is it not in one’s interrest to direct the public view on the fear of the outsider, of religious or some other cultural group, from how one self is grabbing public property and taxes for one’s own benefit? By turning extreme armament race into a virtue of “patriotism" and pointing out the potential threat of the “others", outsiders, of different faith, culture, or even skin colour? This is the game of right wing politics, all over the western world. Is it not? Is it not the same elswhere?

    Atheism plays very small role in western military complexes. For example the US, a country founded by a group of atheists and deists, has through the recent decades increased their number of military chaplains. Their political hawk lobby comes from their most religious conservative right. Does it not? Atheists do not seek to overthrow any gods, because they do not believe those gods exist in the first place. In addition, one should remember, that most people in the world are atheist of a sort, in the sense, that they do not believe in some other gods, than those they have grown up to believe in through the accident of birth to a particular cultural heritage (and thus are atheists in that regard). Do you see this?

    • ishmaelabraham 09/09/2020 / 8:02 上午

      You have focused only on the military industrial part. I have used the term military industrial cultural complex because although West has failed to reconcile Godless Enlightenment and Protestant Reformation but still the loyalty of both lies with the same states and armies, and no western citizen can choose to be a traitor. Even atheist Hitchens supported Iraq war so his loyalty is more with white empire than secular humanism. Even atheist Dawkins admires white Christian culture and hates Muslim culture and promotes porn. Atheist Harris condones Zionism, atheist Dennet calls Islam parasitic and atheist Krauss condones incest. And, it is precisely science devoid of ethics and spirituality which is producing the bombs falling on Muslim women and children. So, a race-based cultural supremacism unites the apparently different worldviews. Even if the military imperialism is motivated by narrow-minded pseudo-religious divisiveness. after the physical bombing is over, porn bombing and cultural imperialism begins it’s propaganda. Orthodox Muslims fear cultural imperialism more than military imperialism because Quran teaches that being tempted is more dangerous than being killed because being killed due to faith leads to infinite bliss and being tempted leads to infinite suffering.
      And, it is not honest to conflate atheism and deism, because the difference between them is more vast than between something and nothingness. You may not be an anti theist but mainstream spokesmen of atheism are cultural propagandists of white empire in one way or other because they feel threatened by faith of Islam challenging their cultural monopoly over globalization. Modern atheism has risen to popularity after war on terror and sexual revolution which says a lot about it’s intellectual and moral credibility.

      • rautakyy 09/09/2020 / 10:04 上午

        That is an interresting point of view. However, I have to remind you, that atheism as such, is not an ideology. It is merely a reaction to the empty claim of any supernatural deities existing. It means not to believe untill sufficient evidence has been provided to support any of the claims, that this or that god even exists. As we should disbelieve all claims made without sufficient evidence. Should we not? Just as you would not believe in a strange god, that somebody from a foreign culture claimed to exist. Would you? When you are pointing out the opinions of some outspoken atheists, you are merely referring to their individual opinions on things. Yes, their views may have been affected by their atheism and the fact, that the ones you are referring to, are all Anglo-American westerners. That, however, does not make the western culture atheistic as such. Nor does it conjure up some one big entity of atheistic “military industrial cultural complex". Does it? Are you conflating things that even though they may appear within the same culture, are not necessarily a part of some one complex? I do not have to assign to anything any prominent or other atheist says. I do not have to take on authority or faith any of their opinions.

        Enlightenment appeared within Western culture and under Christian religious monopoly, but only after Christianity had split into fighting factions. People needed to live in peace and that gave rise to secularism. Was that not a good thing? That people should be able to choose for themselves what to believe, or not? To practice what ever religion they choose to, or not. You would want to choose for yourself, would you not? Secularism is an opposite cultural phenomenon to religious political power. Humanism is not restrained by religions. There are Christian and Muslim humanists, just as there are atheist humanists. Right? Islam is divided into many factions and so is Christianity. Throughout history Christians have killed more Christians and Muslims have killed more Muslims for religious reasons, than the adherents of these two major religions have killed each other. Did you know this? Why do you think that is?

        I agree with you totally, that the Islamists fear the cultural imperialism more than they fear the military imperialism. Fear of alien culture is often the motivation to violence. Same applies here in the west. The neo-nazies and other western right-wing conservatives fear the different culture they see in people coming from Muslim countries. The right-right wing conservative government of Israel feeds the fear of their own people of the “different" Palestinian and Arabic culture, and as long as they can keep that fear up, the Israeli people do not see how corrupt their governments are. Just as an example.

        There are also other reasons why the Islamists and their western counterparts, the cultural conservatives of the west, fear the foreign culture influence, other than the “temptation" part. Is there not? Foreign cultures and people are difficult to deal with, if one has limited ability to learn from them. They represent the fear of the unknown, especially so to people who have only one “truth", that they have taken from authority, not from their own ability to reflect reality and analyze truth claims. Foreign cultural influences may lead people to think we are not so different, and that those within any culture who traditionally get to decide how people should live, based on cultural assumptions (such as religions), may not hold the absolute truth. It may be, that the Quran, or the Bible are not absolutely true as they contradict each other. That the “truths" in them should be tested, rather than taken by blind faith. There is – after all – no evidence of any kind, that either of the books, or any other religious scripture, for that matter, holds any truth to them on the superstitious stories about unnatural beings such as gods. The mere fact, that they threaten people with stuff, that is supposed to happen after death (from wich no man has returned to tell us how it is going to turn out) reveals their questionable nature. Does it not?

        I like to look at the similarities between different cultures. We need to seek peace, not strife, between individuals, and between cultures. We are all human. You and I.


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