Modern western atheism is based more on greek paganism than scientific objectivity

The percentage of atheists among philosophers is higher than percentage of atheists among scientists which shows that greek paganism has greater role in modern atheism than objectivity.


Sohail Khan Islam is much closer to paganism and farther away from modernism.
Ishmael Abraham Do you mean traditional culture? Modern unitarians would be better than traditional greeks.
Peter Bell My middle daughter is a professional philosopher (by career) at the University of Syracuse in northern New York State. I think she would corroborate your statement here. There are a few very conservative philosophers in the field, but they stand out because of their difference from most of their peers, who as you say tend toward atheism. Physical science has a way of exposing its students to the raw natural world of creation as we find it, which is a window into the wisdom and goodness of the divine. Philosophy has no such direct window, and the arguments in favor of abstract paganism present themselves as equal to the arguments in favor of the imprint of the divine in human thinking. Gnosticism rears its ugly head in philosophy and metaphysics in a way that it can’t succeed in doing in the sciences — they deal much too directly in the refreshing reality of Creation as we find it, and that has a powerful way of revealing the Creator.
James Lay More like philosophers haven’t been convinced of theological arguments. As for the physical sciences, the majority of physicists tend to be atheist or agnostic.
Ishmael Abraham If you include Muslim and Jewish scientists, theists would be the majority. I am such an applied scientist.
Peter Bell James Lay The line between philosophy and metaphysics and theology is not big and black and unchanging, but very fine and variable. Often the differences are merely semantic.
Peter Bell Ishmael Abraham Statistically you could be right about theists being in the majority, though there are a lot of science environments in academia and government that operate on a strictly regulated secular basis. In some cases believing scientists feel the need to disguise their faith or go “underground."

Ishmael Abraham Secularism is all about self-censorship, where people feel ashamed to be identified with God due to IQ shaming dominant in academic culture.
Peter Bell Ishmael Abraham Yes, it is. The pressure is very strong. I learned in public academic settings in Canada that the strength of one’s internal commitment to one’s faith can be sufficient to energize a positive, consistent, faith-filled witness even in the shaming and censoring environment. We are exhorted in our texts to stand strong against opposition to our faith and stance for the truth, and we have access to the power of grace by the Spirit to enable us to do this. May you have the power of your convictions activated to support the consistency of your testimony!


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