Dalai Lama, gay ‘marriage’ and Islam

Islam teaches that people would regret in future: If only we listened. Dalai Lama is open-minded to Islam but supports gay rights against Buddhist ascetic ideals.

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Peter Bell I have had a very strong feeling against the Dalai Lama, but I am beginning to warm up to him. He does seem to have some things to say that are worth listening to and considering. And I think you’re right that he is open to many of the helpful insights of Islam.
Peter Bell Also, to your point of him supporting gay rights against Buddhist ascetic ideals — well, the movement in support of this is current among many Christians (against Christian ascetic ideals) and Muslims (against Muslim ascetic ideals) and many other folks as well. This does not make him a bad Buddhist but perhaps simply a modern one.

Ishmael Abraham Bad Buddhists may not be accurate, but I am sure about a similar person being a bad Christian and a bad Muslim contrary to those who do not follow the narrow road.
Peter Bell I know many Christians who completely agree with you on this, and many (including some in my own family) who do not agree and who think these movements (away from the Abrahamic traditions) are justified and are consistent with their faith in God.
Ishmael Abraham Their justification shows the dangers of pervasive antinomianism in western culture. May Yeshua and Yahweh prevail in west instead of Saul.
Peter Bell The pervasive antinomianism (which, like you, I do see everywhere) is basically a reaction against the even more radically pervasive legalism that drives people away from the grace of Yahweh expressed in Yeshua. The question of whether Paul is an accurate vessel of the life and message of Yeshua is far bigger than we can cover in a Facebook chat. Neither legalism nor antinomianism open the way for us to contact the living God and share in His life. He has taken our judgment on himself and in its place returned grace to us. This is not Paul’s idea but is woven throughout the themes of the gospels as well.
Ishmael Abraham May God bless everyone with eternal life of grace and commandments.



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