Quran 34:14, death of Solomon peace be upon him and 21st century

If Osama was killed earlier in war on terror, the ignorant Americans may have been skeptical about the official narrative after 9/11. Most citizens have always been ignorant. It is a good form of psychological warfare to keep the death of some enemies hidden to prolong war.

Sacred texts indicate that Solomon peace be upon him was foretold about his imminent death

إن الله عز و جل أوحى إلى سليمان بن داود (عليهما السلام): أن آية موتك

So, he intentionally climbed into the balcony of his palace

قد أحببت أن أدخل قصري في غد، فأصعد أعلاه

People around him thought he was engaged in worship, praying and reciting Psalms

كان يقرأ الزبور و الشياطين حوله ينظرون إليه

Some alternate readings suggest the subordinates were humans

الطبرسي: " تبينت الإنس " و هي قراءة علي بن الحسين، و أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام)

Twelver Tafsir Al-Bahrani

Microsleep is quite common among drivers. So, it seems like an unnoticed dilated microsleep. Although eyes are mostly open at death, but looking at balcony from underneath would not make a noticeable difference.



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