Muslimish conference and Wissam Charafeddine on dialogue

Salam. I think the analogy between evolution and conspiracy theory is not accurate. Being an electrical engineer I am aware of practical utility of evolutionary concepts like evolutionary computing but I am also skeptical about official narrative of 9/11 like many intelligent Americans.
Why  is rate of secularization among minority sects like Shia  higher?
I think the forbidden alliance is being a part of murderous political alliances like NATO. In Shia theology, the political meaning of wala is more emphasized.
Because marrying righteous Jewish/Christian women and eating kosher food is allowed which accords with Quran 60:8 which teaches kindness and justice towards non-violent non-Muslims.
If you do not believe in the fire, then you cannot care about those Quranic warnings to be consistent.
Secularism mentions internet with triumphalism because it promotes porn and blasphemy more than God and chastity, but according to Quran 35:43 the tables will be turned and internet will fulfill the Hadith prophecy of Islam entering every home. Searching Islam on google in every home is a beginning of that prophecy.
The intention of Quran 34:24 is not to express uncertainty about faith but to remind the fact that both worldviews are contradictory and both cannot be right at the same time, so unlike militant atheism the faithful should be interested first and more in winning hearts than winning arguments through polite dialogue and dissent, because the purpose of the call is not to serve ego but to serve the Truth.


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