Aesthetics, apostasy, hellenistic and Abrahamic cultures

Rootless female apostates from monotheistic Abrahamic cultures due to polytheistic and atheistic Hellenistic culture:

Behind the apostasy of modernist women is the implicit belief that Islam or the Abrahamic spirit has no aesthetic sense but Muslim civilization has its own share of beautiful pious women both in classical history as well as modern history like Pakistani ex model Sarah Chaudhry and Lebanese ex pop singer Amal Hijazi, but they do not have a powerful military-industrial-cultural complex to promote their identity. Hadith teaches that God is beautiful and loves beauty. It was an brave woman Hagar peace be upon her who built the Saudi culture and it was a mystic woman Fatimah peace be upon her who built the Shia culture, and it was a brave woman Ruqayya peace be upon her as known as Bibi Pak Daman the pure lady who inspired the Pakistani culture. Since sexual revolution makes it virtually impossible to integrate piety and beauty so women choose an easy path of conforming with the dominant military-industrial-cultural complex because the alternative is as Hadith puts it like holding burning coals, but still there will emerge women from these three cultures who will resist the military-industrial-cultural complex of secular Antichrist.

All of these participants belong to Abrahamic cultures but lost their identity to Hellenist culture but sacred texts teach that future of humanity belongs to the primacy of Abrahamic cultures in its original ethical perfectionism along with the integration of Hellenistic culture like the famous House of Wisdom. Western culture is a culture of dichotomy and struggle within itself but people like Averroes show that primordial Abrahamic and Ishmaelic spirit of Islam is immune to such conflict.

So, ex Muslims should educate themselves about their roots. Even secular academics like Bart Ehrman know about the roots of western identity.

It’s all about aesthetics, sexual revolution and fame as the parents of one of them understand well who think it is good that their daughter is becoming famous.


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