Thoughts on a sacred democratic utopia and secular dystopia

مقارنة بين الطوبى العلمانية و الفساد الخوارج
I am engaged in a constant dialogue with Christian extremists and militant atheists for the last 5-10 years and I have shared those dialogues at my website too to promote deeper dialogue between civilizations. As orthodox Muslims we do not see the criticism of the religious no matter if you are a righteous Caliph or a sufi saint or a legal scholar of fiqh, as acts of sinful blasphemy. For example, the first righteous Caliph of Islam in the first sermon after his election at Saqifa clearly said: If I am right, help me and if I am wrong, set me straight. The second righteous Caliph of Islam is quoted as saying: May God be merciful to the one who sends me my flaws as a gift. The third righteous Caliph of Islam was executed by armed rebels who accused him of nepotism and in the final hours before his execution he refused to use arms against the rebels even in self-defense and kept negotiating with the murderous rebels for non-violent reform. The fourth righteous Caliph of Islam was murdered by extremist Pharisees when he started negotiating with the leaders of Syrian rebellion to end the civil war, but the Pharisees considered negotiations with armed rebels as a mortal sin and they considered a ruler guilty of a mortal sin to be worthy of execution. So, we see that the philosopher-kings of Islam tolerated even murderous democratic rage and were finally martyred by democratic terrorism. So, this kind of framework of ethical politics can help achieve a sacred democratic utopia. However, I liked the definition of a dystopia as a utopia gone wrong. So, those democratic terrorists turned democracy from utopia into a dystopia for the philosopher-kings. The same is true for the modern utopia of secular liberal democracy which has turned Middle East into a nightmare for believers.Militant atheist Hitchens supported Iraq war which has killed millions of believers while militant atheist Harris has speculated about dropping atomic bomb on Pakistan which will kill millions of believers. Even the supposedly non-militant atheist Chomsky has written alarmist propaganda about technological independence of Muslim countries like Pakistan. God describes this utopia-dystopia dichotomy in Quran 2:11 where evangelists of a dystopia perceive themselves as evangelists of a utopia. The same can bee true about extremist Pharisees in the Muslim world whose utopia has turned Middle East into a dystopia. So, in order to escape the duopoly of the two competing dystopia, we need synthesizers of civilizations who intelligently refute the the dystopian elements of both secular and pseudo-religious utopias. Harvard law school has displayed Quran 4:135 at their library as one of the best expressions about justice. It states that we should serve justice even if it is against our own selves. So, we should overcome our collective narcissism to produce a vision of justice which integrates secular and sacred ideals.
I hope they publish my comment unlike the militant atheists.


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