Which is more courageous? Apostasy or rejecting Godless culture

Jonathan AC Brown It must be so tough to have to fake devotion during a religious service, and then to face disapproval from family and friends?! My heart goes out to these courageous few…
Ishmael Abraham Why are you encouraging apostasy while being a Muslim. It’s ok not to resonate with religious services occasionally or most of the times, due to constant bombardment of secular culture in modern life, that does not mean, that someday truth will not resonate with our intrinsic goodness of fitrah. And, there is nothing wrong with disapproving family members for being lazy in our duties to God. For example, since I started my job, due to more secular involvement I started to feel lazy in morning prayers and attending the mosque congregation five times a day, but when my father disapproves me for that, that makes my conscience wake up, and I do not become angry at his disapproval. Guy Winch a secular psychologist says that guilt is a relationship protector between two individuals. The same is true for relationship between man and God, Real courage is not rebelling against traditional culture which is at the most powerless moment in history, rather to rebel against secular culture backed by military industrial complex and ideological warfare of militant propaganda by organized scientism.



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