In Christ Network shares the video of an ex-Muslim woman containing lies about Islam

The meme of veiled Muslim woman is a lie because she never observed the commandment of veiling(jilbab). Jesus peace be upon him wanted to save liars from Hellfire but she tells many lies out of ignorance or pagan seductions. For example, she says God is not a Friend in Islam. Quran 4:119 teaches that we should choose God as a Friend(Wali) rather than Satan. Do not Christians believe in Day of Judgement and God being a judge? Didn’t she just convert to please her Christian husband? She wants to feel that God is with her, so God tells like in Quran 9:40 that He is with true believers. He even says: I am closer to humans than their jugular veins. And, Jesus peace be upon him hates the enemies of God like Antichrist and he will kill him in accordance with Luke 19:27. We should love our personal enemies however, like Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him loved and forgave the murderer of his uncle Hamza whose liver was eaten like cannibals after his martyrdom. So, Islam forgave even cannibals. And, God hates those who commit evil according to Psalm 5:5 while God in Islam only non-loves the enemies of truth. According to Odin Text research, just war verses in Quran are even lesser than NT. Her attire shows that she grew up in a Godless westernized modernist family which led to her apostasy otherwise she would have been covered like Mary peace be upon her as taught by antinomian Paul. Seeing a Prophet in a dream is a good thing, but that should not make us break first and greatest commandment to love One God the Creator the most which Islam teaches, otherwise we are not saved. According to bible an apostate must be stoned to death but Islam teaches that a female apostate may not be killed. Quran 2:257 Tafsir Ibn Abbas (Allah is the Protecting Friend(Wali) of those who believe) He protects and gives victory to the believers, referring here to ‘Abdullah Ibn Salam and his companions. (He bringeth them out of darkness into light) He gave them success and brought them out of disbelief into faith. (As for those who disbelieve) i.e. Ka’b Ibn al-Ashraf and his companions, (their patrons are false deities) the devil. (They bring them out of light into darkness) they invite them from faith to disbelief. (Such are rightful owners of the Fire) the dwellers of hell. (They will abide therein forever) never to die or leave it.


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